“Last date for Programmer Teams Registrations – extended to 16th December”

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DEADLINE: 16th December 2016

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DEADLINE: 13th December 2016

 Q: Can a team have team members from different affiliations?
 A: Yes – A team can comprise of students, young professionals, teachers, professors
 Q: Can we really deliver the goods in 12 hours?
 A: Yes, Like Swami Vivekananda says – if you all believe you can, then you can!
Given the wide variety of open source libraries and software packages available, a smart team can start  working on the general contours of the three problem statements they have opted for from 14th onwards.  When they get the actual specs on 17th morning, they will already have a head start. Yes, the mantra is to leverage and integrate good open source libraries even as you showcase your critical value add in the development of the App.
Q: Will all the features of the requirements specifications be implemented or can we pick and choose?
A : The hands-on jury will look into your code, your approach and to what major extent you could implement the specifications along with what additional (& substantial features) you all have implemented and demonstrated.
Q: Can we have two person teams?
A: We strongly suggest that it be atleast three persons – our jury estimates that for a given problem statement, a minimal productive team size of three is mandatory. Of course if you get a team member who does nothing much but you still deliver beyond expectations, then we accept.
Q: Can coaches be part of the team?
A: Yes, you have a senior as a coach to the whole team. This coach can help manage the completion of the milestones and ensure that all aspects of the submission are done in time.